Why Take Monarch Continuing Education Oncology, Lymphatic Massage Training & Certified Lymphedema Therapist Certification Courses?

Hands-on Training in Manual Lymphatic MassageWe teach a variety of massage methods.

Our certification class is unique in that we offer perspectives on massage therapy training, including the varying treatment techniques and hand techniques taught by the different schools of thought in MLD. Our course director has studied and attended classes in the French Chikly techniques, as well as the Vodder and Földi methods.

Our schedule allows students time for both study and practice.

Our course is offered in sections and there is ample time between modules to practice techniques, to study and to come to the next module prepared with applicable questions.

Our students get hands-on practice with patients at our Blacksburg, Virginia clinic.

If you take the course in Blacksburg, you also have the advantage of hands-on practice with actual patients in our clinics. There is no substitute for practice and feedback from actual clients!

We teach the many indicators for use of lymphatic drainage.

We also study manual lymphatic drainage applications for many other indications than just lymphedema. We study lymphatic organ drainage and full body MLD to stimulate the immune system and to bring relief to many suffering with autoimmune conditions such as lupus, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

Our training program is recognized by national professional organizations.

We are recognized as a MLD/CDP training program by both the National Lymphedema Network and the LANA organization.

We provide affordable payment options.

We offer flexible payment plans with no interest.

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