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Wound Care, Advanced Lymphedema Techniques, Head and Neck Oncology Care

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"Carmen is a wonderful and knowledgeable instructor and facilitator. Her style is easy to understand and she makes the environment fun and light. She's very patient and cares about your success." Kara C.
"Carmen Thompson was highly knowledgeable and passionate in her presentation. Always kept the class engaged.” - Angela, Providence RI
"Wonderful presenter. Carmen makes you interested from the beginning to the end. I look forward to taking another class with her." - Amy, Providence, RI
"Carmen's knowledge is very evident as is her desire to provide multiple treatment options for therapists to utilize to optimize benefits - both physical and financial- for patients. She is very personable." - Christina, CT
"The relaxed atmosphere is conducive to better learning and absorption of material. I don't feel overwhelmed, even with the amount of material covered, because of the manner in which it was presented. Instructor gives me confidence and checks to make sure my skills are par." - Rose, NC
"Great seminar. Very interesting topic and Carmen did a great job presenting the information. Very competent and approachable. Would definitely take another course taught by her and will recommend Carmen and the course to others." - Anna, Hartford, CT
"Instructor is extremely knowledgeable and easily conveys both theory and practical hands on application. I love the clinical aspect of the class which gives immediate hands on practice and reinforces the learning." - Tara, GA
"Excellent course from start to finish-all Modules. Carmen is passionate, knowledgeable, experienced and very personable. These all came through during the training. There were no dull moments." - Ann, Ohio

Advanced Lymphedema Techniques Video Home Study

Ongoing/On demand. 15 CEs – $249

Introduction to MLD Video Home Study

Including A&P, indications and contraindications, applications and pathology.
Ongoing/On demand. 7 CEs – $99

Complete Compression Therapy

24 hours

Integrative Oncology Rehabilitation Video Home Study and Interactive Webinar

24 hours.

Luxe Spa Certified, Certification program

Set yourself apart when applying for positions in the luxe spa industry. Online program. For more information on this program, click here.

Wound Care Update

6 hours

On-Demand Classes for Lymphatic Therapy

Sport Psychology

This Sport Psychology program is a home study course that is 8 BOC approved hours and the cost is $169.

It covers Evidence-Based Psychology by Roland A. Carlstedt, Chairman of the American Board of Sport Psychology, and it is the first book to call for a major paradigm shift in applied sport psychology by providing a wealth of systematic, scientifically validated research in a field where assessment and treatment has often been haphazard. In his quest to bring sport psychology to a higher level of validity, book author Dr. Carlstedt describes the most current assessment methods, intervention procedures, and promising research that are critical for use in evidence-based practice. These assessment and treatment methods are based on 25 years of rigorous scientific approaches and principles that incorporate the most sophisticated research methods now available.

This home study can also be applied to the full certification in Sport Psychology by the ABSP.

Evidence-based Applied Sport Psychology is very relevant to A.T.s. Biomarker-guided procedures, methods and
analytics that this course presents provide practitioners with applied tools that can help them better understand subliminal psychological processes and mind-body response tendencies in athletes that they work with. The ABSP/Carlstedt Protocol can help track physical and related interventions that ATs use preventively and for rehabilitation in the context of psychological factors that predict pain thresholds/tolerance and intervention amenability and compliance. ATs will be exposed to advanced methods for assessing cardiologic, mental and cognitive status as well the impact of AT interventions, including exercise and movement on health and wellness and the course of rehabilitation using easy to derive predictive biomarkers.

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Roland A. Carlstedt, Ph.D, ABSP, BCIA
Chairman and Chief Sport Psychologist: American Board of Sport Psychology
Licensed Clinical Psychologist*Licensed Applied Psychologist; Board Certified Sport Psychologist
Clinical and Research Director: Integrative Psychological Services of NYC
Research Associate in Psychology: Harvard Medical School, Department of Psychiatry
Research Associate in Psychology: McLean Hospital, Developmental Biopsychiatry Research Program