Athletic Training


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Course Fee: $350 (includes both texts by Aaron L Mattes) If you have already taken a class with us and have the text books, the fee will be $290

(NCBTMB Approved provider #34)

Active Isolated Stretching is a cutting edge and innovative form of stretching that works. AIS was developed by Kinesiologist Aaron L Mattes and utilizes the inherent properties of muscles and soft tissue in order to not only effectively isolate and lengthen a target muscle, but also to enhance the connection to the central nervous system. The result, in addition to remarkably increased flexibility, is better control and quicker firing of the muscles. This work will prove to be an invaluable tool in both the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal conditions as well as degenerative neurological conditions. Because of the interaction with the central nervous system, this work has stunning results with degenerative neurological conditions that can otherwise not be effectively treated through manual therapy. Broaden your scope of practice by learning one of the most cutting edge techniques in the bodywork world!

Assess the ROM of each joint compared to their Normal ROM
Optimize the flexibility of all the major muscles in the body
Precisely stretch different aspects of the same muscle. Isolate either the proximal or distal portion and stretch it effectively
Achieve healthy maximum range of motion in a few sessions
Increase strength in the proper direction with perfect alignment
Use these techniques to shorten injury recovery time
Use these techniques to prevent injury

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*For this course, you will need to bring one rope (for self stretching); and one seatbelt.

You will leave these courses ready to use these techniques on your Monday morning clients